About me

Hello ♥ Thanks for dropping by.  I’m very happy that you’re here,

My name is self-professed Jill-of-all trades also known as Fatema.

I’m 20 something, Leo with Scorpio Moon, And this is my personal blog, my another little corner, by another I refer I have another blog which is on another platform, I’m very confused at the moment to choose between wordpress or blogger so I finally decided I’ll keep up with these two until I can figure which one is better.

My another corner of the internet if you’re interested Click Here

As you may know, I used to write poems and songs and that’s like long ago now.And i just recently  started blogging.I love trying new things, so it’s not necessarily going to be beauty stuff only. It’s a surprise in the mix, also easy-to-follow tutorials, DIYs, Illustration, talking about beauty & healthy lifestyle and everything else in between. Besides, Yes I’m absoultely obsessed and completely devoted to organic approach of skincare and anything that involves natural and handmade.

 I can say,  I am contantly learning discovering and growing.

So, If you like face masks, lots of DIY,cats or you are just simply interested to scroll through photos and stories of other people and their lives, let me tell you “YOU’RE JUST IN THE RIGHT PLACE” Yaaay! ..Because all those stuff will be reflected in all that you see on this blog 🙂

P.S – I’m also a newbie Youtuber (my Youtube Channel Link HERE), I love experimenting, eating out, watching horror flicks and Nicholas Sparks films Also, all kinds of romcoms there is, long drives and 80s vintage dresses and a lover of all things floral.. 

Lets Stay Friends:

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