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Ahh the time of the year, The winter time! cold, dark and gloomy be the type of words to describe winter in short. and if you know me too well you’d know this too, that winter is not really my thing, for me winter is not only what it looks like in the movies, Woohoo lets make snowangels, building snowman and having hot chocolate and cozying next to your fireplace, Winter is a real struggle, if truth be told, winter is much more, way more than that brrrr.. like a chill down your spine. Ah you maybe thinking thats not true, Winter’s your favorite so why so much hate? Yes I do understand and respect that, I do not love to hate it..like hate-hate, I just dont love winter much. and I guess the term hate might sound too unpleasant okay lets just put this way “I dislike winter to the cores” better! sounds less offensive now .. Thank Goodness winter is finally and officially not here anymore, therefore here are my reasons why I love-hate winter:

So why do I hate winter..

 I just HATE having to shower during winter, needless to say its just horrible terrible awful. the floor, water the air everything!

100 layers of clothing one right after another, that pin down your arms from moving only because you don’t catch cold

Waking up every winter morning with constant runny and stuffy nose, sore throat cough and sneezes in short nasty sinus infection, Just so you know,I have a weak immune system which is why I happen to catch cold very real quick.

Cold feet cold hands , lol self explanatory

I’ve always hated!! And still hate and will always hate! waking up early in winter mornings I am whatsoever not a morning person however it is ten times more difficult waking up during winters, you feel me yeah?

One of the major reason I hate winter for….homeless go through a loooot during colder winters and are more likely to suffer from severe health problem, become deficient in warm clothes that even lead to death. (If you have unnecessary amount of warm clothes taking up your wardrobe please kindly pass them to the needy. Everyone should do their part donate as much as possible and save lives this winter, theres a saying ‘No one has ever become poor by giving” in return you wont get much but to receive a million dollars smile is worth it all. Also, it’s a great way to help out local communities and charities 🙂

Lets get down to the good stuff:

Winter cannot be complete until its… Baking time! with my amma (she’s an absolute whiz in the kitchen) and sisters too of course, cooking and baking is fun so a big “Yay to happiness” the time of the year for apple pie, brownie and cookies lol need to finish speaking already i’m soooo hungry just talking about it

On the plus side, Dark lipstick and sweaters weather!! I ridiculously love the fact that the cutest clothes i have in my closet are winter outfits mostly like its my fashion season lol since I get to wear cute over sized sweaters, turtle necks, woolen socks, scarves, mittens … winter outfits is my thang!

Lay my impatient hands on every Mouthwatering soup recipes from pinterest so excited and tempted ! Soup during winter is a safe bet and on top of that, nothing better than a soup to warm your bellys on a cold winter’s day, isnt it?

The smell of cup of hot cocoa, bonfires,crisp chill and the dead silence aah… heaven on earth 🙂

All type of fun winter activities (since it does not snow here where i live) I pass my time decorating my room with paper cut outs, painting, with DIYs, candles and cute stuff and also curl up in my bed with lots of good books to finish.



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