How a street cat transformed life of a recovering drug addict: A Street Cat Named Bob

How a Street Cat

There’s a common saying “A Dog is a man’s best friend.” Absolutely, without a doubt for sure, but! Cats are your lifetime buddies, and you know what that means A LIFETIME OF PURRS AND KITTY LOVE! Aw! As an avid fan of cats, today’s post I believe is going to be real enjoyable to read, as much it’s been a lot fun for me to write.

So, today I’m going to introduce you to a brilliant and a very heart warming film “A Street Cat Named Bob” movie that I can watch over thousand times and never get tired, and I bet you will too. It will make you emphatic, sad (had me in tears), aww-ing every minute, make you feel all kind of emotions. A very lovable little film about so many valuable messages. the story is surprisingly based on true events, the movie contains moments of realism, has just the right touch, packed with real good actors (FACT: Do you know? Bob played by himself, his this good acting skills will definitely find him better roles in the future *fingers crossed*) plus, the supporting cast. Moreover, Screenplay/writing, I was greatly charmed by directing (dang! Sure London is gorgeous, made me want to pack my bags and move there lol) nevertheless, the costume stylist did a good job for picking the ideal clothing to assist the actors to feel their roles even more effectively, And on top of everything, you’ll get to see a wonderful relationship between a homeless recovering drug addict and a stray cat.

SLOGAN OF THE FILM: “sometimes it takes 9 lives to save 1.

This movie is worthy of all high ratings because it has an authenticity to it, Besides all the kitty goodness, it promotes empathy for homeless, throw light on big issues like poverty, the battle with drugs, reflect on how tough life can be for the homeless buskers and addicts on street. A mix of light and dark moments, this movie portrays the real struggle of life for the unfortunate..Like I just said right now, it is not just a movie for a cat lovers, and also may never slay the box-office and the haters gonna hate hate hate… but i looooove every bit of it! 

Over and above, The plot is not dry and transparent. It kept me glued to my seat, made me wonder what’s gonna happen next. So, you wont be displeased I am sure not even for a minute and at all, It will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat.

I always wanted a ginger cat! ♥ 😀

I’m very pleased to finish this article without spoiling it for you all phew! (kudos to me haha) So off you go now watch the film,I’ll keep repeating over and over again, it’s a lovely movie  for just anybody, also the kind of film that encourages people to volunteer, contribute, do good thing for the planet earth in general, and after watching this movie certainly you wanna adopt a cat (psst! if you’re not a kitty lover you might even become one hehe 😛 ).

To sum it all up,  if you’re looking for something pleasant to watch with no foul language so likely suitable for children or you’re an animal lover, this might be the movie for you. .. ♥



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