The Beginner’s Guide To Fabulous Skin

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I wasn’t such a beauty geek and neither was I ever concerned about my appearance so much, my mantra in life was only EAT-SLEEP-REPEAT, had no time for pampering all those sort of thing you know, until.. I broke out, from all the hormones that led me to hyper-pigmentation and all sort of skin problems *sigh*. Also, never using SPF and heading to beach has worsen my skin.. ahh don’t ask!  burnt toast or nothing less than a nightmare. *facepalm* What was I thinking anyway, and the worst by far I didn’t do anything about it, which of course made stuff more worse for me eventually and I’m still constantly struggling and the battle continues to this day, but as a matter of fact I am trying to keep up with the routine and the rules I have set for myself. And like everyone I also started at some point, everyone has their own story isn’t it? no one’s perfect right? One more thing I have learnt is to be consistent. Consistency is the key to a beautiful skin with that being said, its never too late. All you need is a consistent skincare regimen which will bring your skin back in the game. I try to keep my skin healthy and fabulously glowing and here are my tips to get you started.

Good news: For this you don’t need to be a celebrity or have great genetics woot woot!

Exfoliate: Using tons and tons of makeup causes nasty old dead cells on the suface and layer of the skin cell and the best way get rid of it ’em and to bring the inner radiance back to your skin is to wash and scrub it twice a day at a minimum, once in morning and at night, don’t overdo this you don’t want to irritate your skin now do you?

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate:  *Dont roll eyes now*  We fall short to follow this simple piece of advice never taken seriously I know, I know *sigh*.Drinking 6 to 8 8-ounce glasses of water sounds boring and a real chore, sorry to say but you see, the majority of our body is water, so our body rely on H20 for our body to function properly, Helping kidneys work properly. Regulate body temperature keep our skin’s elasticity and vibrancy undamaged. Still neglecting? 

Eat healthy:   Healthy eating diet can be one of the smartest choice you make for yourself. high-quality proteins, carbohydrates, heart-healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and water can be found in vegetables and fruits what’s more, eating healthy doesn’t only improve your skin but also save you money which means less chances of chronic diseases.

Stay stress free: if you worry too much it will show where? On the most crucial body part “YOUR FACE!”. There is no time but you need to make one for yourself, it’s a very significant duty we frequently miss out. So, do yourself a favor once in a while watch a comedy movie, give yourself a massage (or ask someone can do it for you) run a hot bath or maybe some yoga which will relieve muscle tension and offer peace of mind.

Rock your Bare face:  I highly recommend this one, once in a while your skin deserve a BIG time offfff! (no matter how much of beauty guru you are) from all those harsh chemicals in beauty products. This is also one of the things we don’t do regularly not only it will assist your skin to breathe it will help to let your guards down, embrace your skin, making you feel more confident about your looks. I wear make up only occasionally now but I tell you what its much more nicer to become more comfortable doing things without makeup.

Just remember Rome wasn’t built in a day, good things take time. Be persistent and kick start your beauty regimen journey today and see what a difference it can make.  🙂




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