Hey! today I thought of sharing a bunch of stunningly free fonts and the fonts I have listed are abso-damn-lutely puurfect for crafts/projects, greeting cards and not only that what’s more it is free for personal use woohoo! So if you were looking for something like this you’re just in the right place 🙂

The BaldEagle (3)

Click links below to download/ instructions are also provided ♥

Beautiful Mess | Isaac Script 2 | Master Of Break | Salsabilla |Bolten

Chasing embers | Ahattom | Forte |  Selima | Saffron


Hit the download button for the font you want to download  After you download the file, open the directory where the download went.Font files are always in a zip file so just right click it and extract it in a folder, right after that head to your Control Panel which is in start menu there you will find Fonts settings drag the extracted font file directly to the Fonts folder and it will automatically install. Give a refresh and there you have it, see dang easy isn’t it? 😉


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