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WelcomeHello ♥ Thanks for dropping by.  I’m very happy that you’re here, My name is self-professed Jill-of-all trades a.k.a Fatema.I’m a twenty-something. And this is my blog, my another little corner, by another i refer i have another blog which is on another platform I’m very confused at the moment to choose and pick between wordpress or blogger so I to conclude decided I’ll keep up with these two until I feel which one is better than the other, argh what a confused soul I know

If you’re interested, My another corner of the internet  Click Here

I used to write poems and songs thats like long ago now. But I started blogging to share my experiences and recommendation only what I truly believe in, not necessary has to do with beauty it could be anything I love trying new things out so its gonna be a surprise in the mix,  easy-to-follow tutorials DIYs, Illustration, talking about beauty & healthy lifestyle and everything else in between besides, Yes I’m absolutely obsessed and completely devoted to organic way of skincare and anything that is natural, I don’t claim to be an expert these beauty secrets has been handed down by my mother and along with that, I play around the internet, do some research and experiment with recipes.

I am constantly learning, discovering and growing.

Besides, I’m also a newbie Youtuber (my Youtube Channel Link HERE), I love experimenting, eating out, watching horror and Nicholas Sparks films Also, all kinds of romcoms, long drives and vintage dresses and a lover of all things floral..


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