Make Perfect Gifts for birthdays, mother’s day, or to use yourself. Apart from cleansing and moisturizing there’s nothing better than a homemade DIY scrub that save you tons of money, real quick and affordable to prepare and at the same time good for your skin. Its a great exfoliant, Help your body get rid of dead skin cells, Helps even skin tone, looking more smooth and healthier. Its absolutely best for oily skin types. I recommend and prefer using it right after you run a good warm shower because having a hot bath or shower will help to open up the pores in our skin.

Here’s What You Need:

1. A clean empty glass jar

2. Himalayan rock salt

3. Lemon Juice

4. Extra Virgin Olive Oil”

DIRECTION: “Look for a clean empty jar to store your rock salt scrub. Dont use plastic containers make sure you use a glass jar because you dont want the plastic container to absorb the oil. Then take Himalayan rock salt the amount depends on your preference. Next, Lemon juice make sure you use only the organic one. and finally Extra virgin olive oil The next step is to add lemon juice, himalayan rock salt and extra virgin olive oil together and keep stirring until mixed properly. Keep in mind, The consistency of your scrub should be not too oily or runny but it also shouldn’t be dry or crumbly.. In case if its too runny be sure to use more of Himalayan Rock Salt. You can also add an essential oil but its totally optional so yeah there you have it now store this in your refrigerator. Lather this mixture onto your skin scrub gently for about 2 to 4 minutes or as long as you can. P.S Dont use it if there’s any sort of cuts over your skin as it will sting too bad.


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